6 ways to improve serving your customers: The science behind customer service

NomadPOS Aug 18, 2014  Industry Tips and Trends

There aren’t many people out there in today’s world who don’t know about body language and how the way you stand or talk to people can affect your relationship with them. However, this science can be applied and used by you or your staff when talking to and approaching customers.

In an article on Inside Retail, they discuss the 6 easy to implement behaviours that can improve service and increase your ability to persuade the customer to buy:

  1. Don’t stand opposite the customer. That is a confrontational position even though it feels natural to end there when you walk towards the customer. Walk around and stand next to the customer and turn your body 45 degrees towards the customer.
  2. Stay outside the customer’s personal bubble. This varies by culture, but usually about 2 feet (60cm) is acceptable to most people. Look for signals if the customer is uncomfortable.
  3. Both parties should be able to face and reach the merchandise or object of interest. Buyer and seller side by side should be able to focus their attention on the object of interest.
  4. You should stand on the right-hand side of the customer where possible. Of course sometimes the design of the store or position of the customer makes it difficult to start there, but attempt to manoeuvre that way unobtrusively if you can.
  5. Make sure there are no obstacles between you and the customer. This includes baskets, trolleys, equipment, prams, or handbags – and especially the counter.
  6. Ensure your customer is as comfortable as possible. Not too hot or too cold. If seated, make the chair comfy. (Search Google for ‘embodied cognition’ if you don’t believe me – or read this)

For more info check out the article on Inside Retail