About Us

The Nomad team is made up of professionals with a long history in retailing, retail technology and retail payments.  NomadPOS is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Dale Corrigan, whose family have owned and run grocery stores since the 1960’s.

Nomad’s parent company started in 1996, during the time when there was a big transition from DOS to Windows based systems.  Dale saw a need for a Windows based point of sale system for retailers.  He decided to combine his knowledge of the retail sector, and his education in IT to design and write a POS system that was simple and easy for retailers to use.

In 2011, Dale again saw there was going to be another transition towards mobility and cloud based point of sale solutions, and from there NomadPOS was born.

NomadPOS is not just about creating a mobile point of sale system however.  We wanted to give the small retailers the same tools that the big guys have, but at an affordable price.  Our aim is to change the way that businesses interact with customers. We want to give you the ability to process payments on the go.  We want to modernise retail counter top cash tills and get you interacting face to face with customers, improving the flow of service.  We want to reduce your training costs, take the pain out of integrating your new and existing systems, and make running your business easier for you.

The Nomad team has worked with technology and banking partners, including Ingenico and Commonwealth Bank, to release a world class integrated POS solution for all types of businesses.

The NomadPOS head office is based on St. Kilda Road in
Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne St Kilda Road