NomadPOS In Store

The no fuss point of sale solution for bricks and mortar retail


Process Sales & Take Payments


Manage Inventory


Update pricing or promotions across multiple stores


Send digital receipts via email

easy-product1Easy product search

Search for products by barcode or description or set up a quick list of products to add to the sale. NomadPOS In Store can be used in even the highest volume selling environment thanks to the streamlined sales process.

HPap5000POSIntegrate with existing hardware 

NomadPOS In Store runs on an iPad, laptop, or PC/Mac Computer, but can also run on your existing store hardware, saving you time and money.

offlineWorks Offline

If for any reason the store loses the internet connection, there is no need to worry as NomadPOS In Store will continue to operate and process sales. Once the internet connection is restored the sales and product data will automatically be synchronised with the central database again.

centralize-cloudCentralised cloud database

NomadPOS In Store works from a centralised cloud based database. This means it can integrate with NomadPOS Online. So orders placed online through the NomadPOS Online web store can be resumed and finalised if your customers want to view & collect purchases in store.

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